Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Love A Fat Bitch!

I never thought I would said this but, “I loved a Fat Bitch.”

Don’t get your panties in a bunch BBW’s. “Fat Bitch”, is the name of the one woman show by Erica Watson. Yes she is beautiful (wouldn’t have to hit it from the back, as to not see her face, yes I been guilty of it in my younger, yes she is funny (not humiliating herself for a cheap laugh) and yes she holds it down for the BBW’s (knows who she is).

A good friend of mine who knows of my love for the big beautiful women told me about the show and suggested that I attend. With the title being what it was, I didn’t know what to expect. The show started with a query from the artist Erica Watson, about the title of the show and quickly moved on to some of the more serious subjects that concern the BBW community.

The crowd in the standing room only theatre was peppered with people of all colors and sizes. I sat next too a middle aged Caucasian woman of medium stature that didn’t stop laughing from the beginning of the show until the end. I wondered throughout the show the appropriateness of someone like her laughing at some of the more sensitive moments in the performance. It didn’t take me long to realize that I was being overly sensitive myself and that Erica Watson had broached all of these BBW subjects to illicit these very same responses from everyone in the theatre, not just her BBW sisters. I allowed myself to laugh at some things I would not normally laugh about.

I couldn’t tell how many of the men there were BBW lovers, but one thing is for sure Erica gave any man there a reason to take a precarious gander at taking a BBW as a lover. I did so enjoy watching her move her lovely fullness.

The show was exciting and certainly different , not what you would expect and I loved that fact. She kept it real and bravely put her business out there and I give her credit for the way in which she presented the difficulties she faced in her life as a "pretty face". Being a writer myself, I hate it when anyone steals my words, so I’ll have to give Erica partial credit when I say, “Fat ugly bitches” may not appreciate the show as much as others.

I met Erica after the show and she was as real and spontaneous in person as she appeared to be on stage (not my experience with talents of her caliber) and did I mention as sexxy as she wants to be. For those of you who were able to attend I know the only complaint you may have about the show was wished there was MORE of Erica Watson...hmmm more , yes sir and for those of you who didn't catch the show, you missed out on healthy servings of laughs and insight.

I love a Fat Bitch!

Make Sure you check out Erica's Site and stay tuned, she is definately one to watch.. for more reasons than you think. Yum

"So let it be written, so let it be done"

David “Harlem’s Dragon” Rivera Jr.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Ladies you have a witness. I am a lover, I am an admirer, I am a follower, I am a supporter of big beautiful women.

And finally I am here to testify that big beautiful women are a nourishing life force and natural resource of the world. They provide us with warmth, shelter, and let’s not forget food. (When they feel like sharing)

This blog spot is dedicated to all of you women whom can identify themselves with the women that I am describing. The big zealous, life giving, charming, succulent, squeezeably soft, irresistibly giving, caring and voluptuous woman of my dreams.

My Name is David Rivera Jr. and I consider my self a connoisseur of all women, with a specialty and penchant for the more full figured, plus and Supersize.

Yes, I’m that man who,when passing Lane Bryant and Ashley Stewart stores, stops to look inside to see what beautiful women are being collected.

Don’t misunderstand me. This is no fetish and no whim. I am attracted to the extra beauty and sensitivity that so often resonates from big beautiful women that I find the “other” women are lacking.

Not only do I respect and admire these women, but as I see them coming into the mainstream media more, such as with Jill Scott’s HBO’s new television series, “No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency”; I suspect that the rest of the world will finally start to be more willing participants in the world of the big woman. And not just when “The Biggest Loser” is playing.

There are some sisters I have to recognize for their contributions to the BBW movement, they may not know who I am but I see them, shout outs to Oprah, Monique, Sharon Quinn, Erica Watson (will try to come out to catch your one woman show), Queen Raqui of Large in Charge ,Gwen Devoe, Yvonne Forbes, Lynx Garcia, Aja of Belle Noir and The Curvesity movement. If I failed to mention anyone know that I support you all and am watching very closely.

Having written an erotic book for the big beautiful women “The Last Prejudice” has forced me into the spot light and I dare say that I am enjoying the notoriety.

I’ve never hidden my love for the big women, but now I am shouting it from the highest mountain and I am asking others that share my taste to follow suit.

So BBW’s if you’re feeling what I’m saying shout me out and give me a bite of that sandwich, and I ain’t talking salami. On second thought, if it’ll get you to join me, a salami sandwich it is. And remember I don’t count calorie’s, but I like a healthy serving.

"So let it be written, so let it be done."

David “Harlem’s Dragon” Rivera Jr.

The Last Prejudice

Do Big Beautiful Women hold back more in their sexual relationships than other women?

Do Big Beautiful Women allow their own perception of body image to interfere with the way they resolve the issues that plague their chances of happiness?

When a relationship fails, are you one of those Big Beautiful Women that somehow blames their failure on your weight? Do you depreciate yourself? Do you wonder if his next girlfriend is thinner than you?

Do you blame it on your extra rolls, on the creases in your folds? Do you?

Do you find things that were wrong with you or possibly something your body was lacking that HE found unappealing? Did your thighs rub together and create dark spots that you did not want him to see. Well, guess what? HE saw them and guess another thing, it had nothing to do with the break up. See, there are other issues that certainly contributed to the break up. Could have your own perception and fears possibly contributed to the break up? Sometimes without knowing we sabotage our own happiness.

My beautiful full, voluptuous Goddesses, I am in no way judging you or minimizing the things that plague your minds. I’ve been there ladies. I too, yes, a MAN , have my own issues with my body image, I won’t take my shirt off on the beach unless some semblance of a six pack is showing, and ladies I am that man on the beach looking at all of you lovely shapely women , plus, full figured and yes SUPERSIZE women covering up all those glorious thunder thighs. Why do you hide? Why do I? Because it is the story we created in our minds. Attributed to the many stereotypes that people of size face in a society so focused on so called Beauty.

This is part of the reason I was inspired to write the last prejudice. What is “The Last Prejudice?”

“The Last Prejudice”, is the thoughts we have about our selves when we look in the mirror and are not satisfied that we have met society’s requisite image of perfection.

You may not know it to look at me but I have my own issues with my body. As I mentioned earlier, I do not remove my shirt on the beach or any other public venue for that matter. Not because anyone has ever told me that I’m fat or out of shape, but because that is the way that I see myself.

In this world that insists that our images reflect those of stick figures and women plagued with eating disorders it is important that we look deep inside ourselves to find the person that we truly wish to be other wise we apt to destroy our selves within and without.

So now I say to all the beautiful big women out there, enjoy yourself and let all of the real men enjoy you. Forgive us our trespasses, as we know not what the hell we’re doing or saying half of the time that we open our mouths. Allow us to love you the way that you are with or without the lights being on, and last but not least if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

The Last Prejudice is all in your mind. Don’t allow others that are not in your world affect you.

"So let it be written, so let it be done"

David “Harlem’s Dragon”, Rivera Jr.